Obama Israel Myth

The media has perpetuated a myth that Obama will not support Israel.  This has been by the Radical Right who didn’t want their members to support Obama, and the Radical Left who didn’t want their supporters illusion broken over who Obama really is.

I can assure you Barack Obama will not do anything to help Palestinians because that would cross AIPAC, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to deal with that sort of a vendetta.

In Obama’s below speech to AIPAC he promises $30,000,000,000.00 ($30 billion) to Israel over the next 30 years. Obama’s promises AIPAC unconditional support, funding, and weapons.

Strangely many media pundits have claimed Israel stopped bombing Gaza prior to Obama’s inauguration because Obama does not support Israel.  This is misinformation at its finest.

Jewish author Normal Finkelstein gives a different view.

Where does Joe Biden stand on the Israel Palestinian conflict?  Let’s take a look at Joe Bidens interview for Shalom TV.

Joe Biden is a self proclaimed Zionist.